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My name is Lori, and I work full time at Costco, and am also an independent distributor for Advocare.  I am currently on medical leave, because I had a bunionectomy on October 27.  I thought I would give blogging a try, because I like to post things, and I wanted to reach out to people about the great experiences I have had while using Advocare products since August of this year.

I am 47 years old, married almost 19 years to Glenn, and we have a blended family. Danielle (24), Kathryn (24), and Renee (18). Danielle is a travel nurse, and is living in Loveland, CO, Kathryn is in a half-way house in Oklahoma City (that’s a long story), and Renee is getting a nursing license through North Texas Job Corps. I have lived in Plano, TX for 20 years.

My previous experiences include serving in the US Army, Wal-Mart, Dallas Airmotive, Anne Penman Laser Therapy, being an independent consultant with Cookie Lee Jewelry, and helping my husband with his roofing and towing business. I grew up in Farmersville, TX.

I am currently going through, and never had weight issues until I reached my 40s.  I exercise, eat right, and drink plenty of water.  A co-worker introduced me to Advocare, and it has transfigured the way I look and feel!  I did the 24-day challenge and lost 8 pounds and 11 inches (it may defer on other individuals).  I have also gained my energy back, and feel like I’m in my 30s again!  This is not a medical claim, but I had a bunionectomy on my left foot back in 2013.  This year I’ve noticed that my recovery is going much smoother than it did two years ago.  I know losing the weight has helped, but I wonder if the Advocare products I’m taking are helping, too?

If you are interested in knowing more about Advocare, please contact me or visit my website:  http://www.advocare.com/150823204/

Thank you,



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