Got My Stitches Removed!

Today I had my stitches removed at Dr. Campbell’s office. Now I can start gaining some of my independence back.  I hadn’t exercised since I had my bunionectomy on October 27, so I was anxious to go for a small walk (10 minutes) around my local park.  I can also drive again, which will be interesting since I have my surgical shoe on my right foot. I will attempt that later on today, just around my neighborhood.

I had an interesting talk with a man who was walking his dog today.  I am pretty conservative, and he is a liberal.  We are both veterans, so we thanked each other for our service and spoke about our political views, which we were agreeing to disagree.  I wish Congress could be more like this!  Anyway, I enjoyed our conversation, but what bothered me was when I spoke about Jesus, and how I was looking forward to him coming back.  He said he wasn’t, he wanted to live the rest of his life the way things are now.  I explained to him that the reason I’m excited is because Jesus will come back and conquer all the evil that’s in this world, and all will be the way it was supposed to be in the beginning–perfect.  I can’t understand how someone would enjoy a life that’s full of sin and death.  Hopefully, I gave him something to think about for awhile.


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