Happy Thursday!

I didn’t write yesterday, because I had a busy day.  I went to LINKS, which is a weekly meeting that the McKinney Chamber of Commerce holds on Wednesday mornings for networking. I met with a nice lady from a company called “Welcome Wagon” and am going to start advertising my AdvoCare business with them.  I sure hope it works.  My goal is to go part time with Costco in a year.

My husband has a towing business on the side, so I went with him to tow an RV 11 miles from Denton, TX to Corinth, TX.  If anyone ever needs an RV towed, he’s a great person to do the job–Glenn McCall with Alpha Towing (you can find him on Facebook).

I go to Bible Study on Wednesday nights as well, so I had a full day.  I enjoy having time with other Godly women and talking about God’s Word.

Yesterday was Veteran’s Day, and I am a veteran.  I served in the US Army from 1987-1990.  I know I wasn’t the best soldier I could be, but the Army did help me grow up a lot, and I know it made me a better person, and I have a great appreciation for this country.  It really upsets me to see people burning our flag.  If they hate the United States so much, then leave!  See how much better it is somewhere else!  In fact, it should be a crime to burn our flag–this is my opinion.  I know others would say it’s freedom of speech.  Well, when someone burns the American flag, it’s like telling our soldiers who are protecting our country, “Screw you.”  That’s the way I see it.

I hope everyone has a great Thursday!


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