A Difference in Development

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AdvoCare was built on founder Charlie Ragus’ vision to improve people’s lives through nutrition and fitness–now, more than 22 years later, the AdvoCare doctors continue that same vision.

You may have heard of the AdvoCare Science and Medical Advisory Board, but the AdvoCare corporate office is also home to two in-house experts who guide the Scientific Affairs team–Dr. Aija Brameus and Dr. Michael Hartman. These road warriors travel the country, educating AdvoCare Independent Distributors on health, wellness, and AdvoCare products.

The AdvoCare Scientific Affairs team and Scientific & Medical Advisory Board members engage in discussions on ingredients and the latest research regarding the safety and efficacy of potential AdvoCare products. With hundreds of thousands of people across the country relying on their leadership to help create the most advanced products, Dr. Sidney Stohs says it is an honor to serve as Chair for the AdvoCare Scientific and Medical Advisory Board. “When you see improvement in people’s lives, it makes a huge impact. That’s why I’m committed to finding the best ingredients around the globe when developing AdvoCare products.”

Dr. Brameus agrees, “There are so many people who feel hopeless, but with the right tools and training they understand there is a solution.  Seeing the changes in people’s lives through AdvoCare products, even if it is just one person, is a big thing and the reason I do what I do.”

With more than 70 exclusive products, AdvoCare has something for everyone–from the stay-at-home mom to the performance athlete.  “The stay-at-home mom needs balanced nutrition, and the professional athlete who is traveling week to week needs the same nutrition to fill in the gaps,” Dr. Hartman said.

So many people choose AdvoCare products, making “reputation is everything” not just a saying, but a way of business.  That’s what sets AdvoCare apart.  “With the Informed-Choice Certification, you can feel confident AdvoCare products are certified banned-substance free,” Dr. Brameus said, “This transparency shows AdvoCare takes pride in its products.”

These doctors believe so much in the power of the products that they stake their reputation on it.  “We wouldn’t risk our personal and professional reputation,” Dr. Hartman said, “Reputation takes years to build and no time to ruin. We wouldn’t risk that for anyone.”

“The same goes for the AdvoCare Scientific & Medical Advisory Board,” Dr. Stohs said.

Through reputation, research, and readiness, you can be assured these doctors are working every day to provide AdvoCare products that you can be proud of.


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