Doc Talk

Q:  Why  nutritional supplements?

A:  Consuming a balanced diet is the foundation of a healthy lifestyle, but most of the time you still don’t get the daily recommended dietary allowances needed to support your body’s needs.

Q:  I have not taken supplements before. What suggestions do you have for someone as a starting point?

A:  Take into the account of your individual needs and goals. The majority of folks take supplements to support general health, wellness, and promote healthy aging. The recommendations for these folks are CorePlex, OmegaPlex, Calcium Plus, Amplify A.T., and ProBiotic Restore ULTRA. Always consult your physician regarding what products are appropriate for you.

Q:  I have lost 20 pounds, but have reached a plateau; how do I break it?

A:  To be successful, eat a healthy diet, exercise regularly, reduce stress, get a good night’s sleep, and take the appropriate supplements. You can either exercise more without changing your calorie intake or consume less calories and exercise the same. Either option should work.

Q:  Why are non-nutritive sweeteners used in AdvoCare products?

A:  Our society consumes way too much sugar; non-nutritive sweeteners allow AdvoCare to produce great-tasting products without the excess sugar. Don’t worry, though, because AdvoCare doesn’t use any ingredient deemed to be unsafe or harmful based on sound scientific evidence.

Q:  Do AdvoCare products meet the needs of certain dietary restrictions?

A:  The products aren’t formulated to meet the strict requirements of highly specialized diets such as allergen free, kosher, halal, vegan, or vegetarian. Individual who have celiac disease and are gluten-intolerant are advised to consult their doctor regarding AdvoCare products suitable to them.

Q:  What are the product guidelines for children, or women who are expecting or nursing?

A:  You can look in the Frequently Asked Questions section of the AdvoCare website. The guidelines listed there are only suggestions and are not intended to replace he advice of your physician.

Q:  Are all SYS skincare products safe for all skin types?

A:  Yes; these products are designed for everyone. If you have underlying skin conditions, please consult your dermatologist before using.

Q:  Where can I find more information on products and their applications?

A:  Product Pages and FAQs in the Science section are found on the AdvoCare website homepage


5 Reasons Our Products are Different

  1. Guided by our prestigious Scientific & Medical Advisory Board
  2. Balanced nutritional solutions for complex bodies
  3. High-quality ingredients
  4. Nutrients that are easy to absorb
  5. Advanced and proven nutrition, not fads




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