Spiritual Gifts

I went to church last Sunday, and the sermon was about spiritual gifts.  I have heard sermons like these for the majority of my life, but this one seemed to have made more of an impression on me.A Unique Gift for a Unique Purpose

I belong to a women’s Life Group that meets on Wednesday nights, and our leader had me take a quiz to see what my spiritual gifts are (Gifts Test).  My top five gifts are exhortation, prophecy, pastor/shepherd, discernment, and faith.  I was surprised by one of these gifts, which is pastor/shepherd.  I took a similar test back about 15 years ago, and this was not included, but helper was.  I got to thinking about why.  My conclusion is that when I was younger I was a great helper, but as I got older and matured, I began shepherding people around me, like my children, co-workers, and some family members.

I would like to grow my AdvoCare business and shepherd others who are interested.  I know that God has prepared me for this, and I am ready.


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