Happy Leap Day!

Happy birthday to all those who were actually born on February 29!  Enjoy your special day!

I was so glad that I finally took a leap of faith and signed up as a distributor with AdvoCare.  After struggling to get 20 pounds off through diet and exercise (which you must do in order to get healthier), a co-worker introduced me to AdvoCare.  He and his wife had lost a lot of weight together, and looked wonderful.  I used to be hesitant about trying things like this, but I told myself, “What have you got to loose?”, and tried the 24-day challenge.  I am singing AdvoCare’s praises now to everyone I know!  I lost 8 pounds and 11 inches in the 24 days.  I continued to lose weight and inches afterwards (another 6 pounds and 3 inches), too.  I had foot surgery on October 27, so I was unable to do any exercise for six weeks.  I had also celebrated my husband’s birthday, Thanksgiving, wedding anniversary, and Christmas during that time.  I did gain 5 pounds during that time, but I was happy it was only 5!  I went on another 24-day challenge, and this time lost 6 pounds and 8 inches.  I look good, and feel great!

One fact about AdvoCare is that we have an advisory council made up of doctors who do the research and development on the products we have.  Today, I am going to inform you about the AdvoCare Sports Advisory Council.

They include many of the top sports coaches, strength and conditioning coaches, and athletic trainers in the country.  They exchange information on a variety of topics relating to the use of nutritional supplements in the training of athletes and in the rehabilitation of those with athletic injuries.  These experts also consult with AdvoCare on issues relating to current and future product development, helping to ensure that AdvoCare stands for innovation and excellence through products with a competitive edge.

AdvoCare Sports Advisory Council

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