Money Matter$

Dollars and Sense

Here are some smart money principles to help you make the most of your money:

  • Save and invest-start saving now, even in small amounts
  • Protect-stick to your budget, save up an emergency fund and have the right amount of insurance
  • Spend-shop around and compare products and prices to get a good value
  • Borrow-if you borrow for big purchases, watch out for high interest rates and having too much debt

Stay on Top of Scams

Don’t get taken by a thief trying to steal your money or identity. Know the signs of a scam and what the latest scams are from the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) at

Know Your Credit Score

Your credit report has information on where you live, how you pay bills, and whether you’ve been sued or filed for bankruptcy. It’s used when you apply for credit, insurance, a job, renting a home, and more. Know your score and make sure your credit report is accurate.

An average of 12.1 million people experience identity theft each year.

Learn about AdvoCare’s Debtbuster System!




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