True Results-Ashley Alexis, Texarkana, TX

AdvoCare gave her hope. She watched another distributor drop 113 pounds using AdvoCare products. That’s when she knew she needed a lifestyle change and started using AdvoCare products.  She has lost 70 pounds and feels better than she has in years.  The best part is that Ashley can now show her daughter Kelani how to live a healthy lifestyle.

Her AdvoCare journey began with using products but quickly expanded to building a business so she could earn an extra income, like me.  Before she started the business, she was working three jobs and missing out on a lot of time with her daughter.

Ashley had no intention of starting an AdvoCare business.  Thankfully, opening her heart and sharing AdvoCare products has allowed her to come home from her full-time job.  She can now confidently tell her daughter that there is more to life than a “if you can’t pay your bills, you get as many jobs until you can” mindset.

She is thankful for AdvoCare, and the person who introduced  her to it, every single day. AdvoCare has shown her that she deserves more, and that hard work and belief in what you do can help you achieve your dreams.

She started with AdvoCare’s 24-day-challenge, and now takes the following list of products:

  • AdvoCare Spark
  • Catalyst
  • Thermoplus
  • Muscle Strength
  • Muscle Gain
  • Clear Mood
  • AdvoCare Oasis
  • MNS E
  • BioCharge

You can purchase these products at My AdvoCare Website

See Ashley’s testimony here:  Ashley’s Story

Ashley now eats more seafood, especially salmon.  She loves to dance, so she became a fitness instructor because it is a fun way to work out.



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