Small Hair Fixes that Make You Look Younger

Whether or not you color your hair, there are easy fixes that add freshness and vibrancy–also, I might add, also brightens your entire complexion.  Here are some simple hair moves that do help a lot.

The Right Cleanser

If you color your hair, but don’t use color-protecting products, you are just burning money! Why?  Permanent dyes lift the hair’s cuticles and make strands more porous, allowing water to seep in and rinse away pigments each time you wash. A color-protecting shampoo and conditioner helps to seal the cuticles to minimize dye loss.  Tresemme’ Color Revitalize Shampoo and Conditioner is a good choice.  If you need extra help, Living Proof’s new Timeless Pre-Shampoo Treatment acts like a raincoat for your hair:  work the cream through dry hair, then wait at least five minutes before you wash like normal.

Hair Needs Antioxidants

The sun’s UV rays don’t just age your skin–they age your hair, too!  Your hair is more susceptible to breakage and color tends to fade more, too. try StriVectin Hair Color Care Vibrancy Booster, which contains NIA-114(ingredient that strengthens hair).

Shea Butter Helps Restore Luster

Hair color may help you appear younger, but it also takes the shine out of your hair.  Shea butter treatment brings back sheen and keeps strands healthy, which makes your shade look more radiant.  You can buy shea butter at health-food stores or Amazon:  rub a small amount of raw shea butter through clean, damp hair, starting at the ends and working upward, avoiding the roots.  Wait 20 minutes, then shampoo. Do this at least once a month, but if your hair is extremely dry, every two weeks.

Covering Roots

There are dozens of root concealers that deliver temporary color which rinses out when you shampoo.  To hide a few grays, a brush-on product like No Gray Quick Fix allows for precise dabbing. For denser coverage, an aerosol spray like Rita Hazan Root Concealer ($25) can mask inches of regrowth in a few mists.  To get rid of oily hair and roots in one swoop, go with a powder like Color Wow Root Cover Up ($34.50).


Ginger-headed shades fade faster than any other hue, because the pigments sed in red dyes tend to be larger than those used in blonde or brown ones, so they don’t penetrate strands as well.  A new line of red shades in Revlon’s Color-Silk Luxurious Buttercream Vivid Color Collection formulates the red pigments so they can absorb into strands better.

Treatments that Boost Your Natural Shade

Even if you don’t color your hair, you can still perk it up.  A tinted at-home gloss designed for your shade can correct yellow tones in gray hair, tone down an orangey cast in brown hair, or bring out richness in very dark hair.  Try Madison Reed Color Reviving Gloss ($24.95). Also, John Frieda Sheer Blonde Go Blonder and Brilliant Brunett Visibly Brighter In-Shower Treatments ($9.99 each) are made to take blondes or brunettes one shade lighter. The brunette version allows anyone with brown hair–natural or not–to go a shade deeper.

AdovCare’s OmegaPlex has plenty of Omega-3 fatty acids to help your hair look and stay healthy, too.



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    1. I love the products! I started using them in August 2015 after I got stuck being overweight. I was eating right, exercising, and trying to do the right things, but I was getting nowhere. A friend from work introduced me to AdvoCare, so I took the 24-day-challenge and lost 8 pounds, 11 inches. I felt great! The Spark has given energy that I haven’t had since I was in my 30s. I kept losing weight until I had my bunion surgery on October 27; I was off my feet for 10 weeks, but only gained 5 lbs. back, and this was during the holidays. Anyway, I took another 24-day challenge January 11 and lost 6 pounds, 8 inches. I love the way I feel and look, so I wanted to share AdvoCare with others. I am now using some of the Performance Elite line to help me build some muscle and have stronger endurance. Sorry if I got a little carried away, but I really do love the products.

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