Testimonial-Melissa and Ben Henderson

Total Pounds Lost



Melissa:  “I was a tired, former teacher with two small children. At 50 lbs. overweight I needed a change in my life. In February 2012, I met my mentor Shelly at our moms’ group.   She shared her story about what AdvoCare had done for her and her family. Initially, I was very skeptical and closed to the idea. I was a size 18 and she was a size two, so I didn’t think she could possibly relate to me.

Six weeks later, I was considering going back to teaching.  Shelly reached back out to me again to share AdvoCare after hearing that I needed additional income.  I finally decided to take her up on the 24-Day Challenge.  I started eating right and exercising and the weight kept falling off.  Initially, Ben was simply supportive of my desire to lose weight but after watching me with more energy and confidence, he decided it was time to try the Challenge as well.  Together, we have lost and kept off a combined 115 lbs. for almost three years.  This is the best part–I can earn extra income and be at home with my children.”

Melissa and Ben workout with weights and she uses the CU24 videos to supplement the workouts.  Their favorite thing about AdvoCare is that they have the energy and time for their kids since they now have the extra income to homeschool them.

Products Taking

  • MNS E
  • Catalyst
  • AdvoCare Spark
  • Rehydrate
  • Post Workout Recovery
  • Nighttime Recovery
  • VO2 Prime
  • Muscle Strength
  • OmegaPlex
  • O2 Gold

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