Cleanse Phase Is Complete!

So, I completed my 10-day cleanse phase.  I lost 2 pounds and 2.5 inches!  What I was really happy about was where I lost the inches:  my waist and chest.  I lost 1.5 inches in my waist and 1 inch in my bust.  Woohoo!

AdvoCare really works.  We have been a world-class nutritional company since 1993.  Although I use it mainly to lose weight and maintain muscle, you may be in a different situation.  We have all kinds of products for wellness and energy, too.  You can pay full retail or get it at a discount–everything is always better with a discount!  You just sign up as a distributor for $79; you get three boxes of Spark Energy and a 20% discount on any purchase you make for one year.  After one year, you can renew for $50 if you wish, and receive a free box of Spark Energy.  Please visit my website at

Here are some tips if you get the 24-Day Challenge:

  • Follow the guide–it’s very simple to follow!
  • Plan your meals–I plan mine on my days off.
  • Do the challenge with someone else–if you don’ have anyone, I can be your buddy!
  • Take photos before and after–sometimes seeing is believing
  • Start on a date that avoids tempting events in which you might indulge
  • DON’T CHEAT!!!
  • Don’t give up.
  • Exercise
  • Drink lots of water (take your body weight and divide by two)
  • Don’t skip the fiber water-it’s not the greatest, so I just down it! You may also add crushed ice; put a little Spark in it if you have to.
  • Buy Catalyst (if you can)–it’s like lipo in a bottle and helps maintain muscle tone.
  • Buy extra Spark (if you can)–if you like it like I do, you’re going to want to buy more!
  • Eliminate processed foods and buy fresh foods.
  • Avoid alcohol, white flour, sugar, fatty, and fried foods.
  • Only weigh on day 11 and 25.

Results vary by individual.  I am getting close to my goal weight, so the weight loss is slowing down some.  My husband loses double the weight that I do, too, but weight comes off easier for men than women,

Have a good night and God bless yall!


Hearing Loss

Some hearing loss comes with age.  Many of us are more decibel impaired than we tend to believe. A range of controllable problems can turn down your volume by blocking sound or damaging parts of your hearing system.  Here is how you can “unmute.”

Value the sound of silence.  Protect your ears by staying away from loud places.  That means noisy restaurants, which can hit decibel levels higher than a lawn mower’s.  Phone apps like dB Volume Master and deciBel help you tell when a place is too loud.  Going to a concert?  Try high-fidelity earplugs, like Ety Plugs; they dampen sound but preserve he clarity of speech and music.

Get better earphones.  Ill-fitting ones don’t block ambient noise, such as crowds and traffic that make you turn up the tunes.  You should listen at no more than 60% of max volume for no longer than 60 minutes at a time. Get rid of unwanted sounds by using EarSkinz, earbud covers that conform to the shape of your ear, or invest in ear-covering headphones from Shure or Klipsch.

FACT:  25% OF PEOPLE AGES 55 TO 64 HAVE SOME AMOUNT OF HEARING LOSS.  From 65-75, that figure almost doubles.

CorePlex and CorePlex with Iron have vitamins that can help nurture your ears and help prevent hearing loss.

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Zach & Krysta Huckabee-Texas

The Huckabees Story

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Zach’s previous occupation was a youth pastor, and Krysta was a stay-at-home mom.  Less than two years ago, they were living paycheck to paycheck. They have a one-year-old son Clive.

Clive was born with a medical condition that lasted from birth to his first birthday. Debt ensued because of that. They owed nearly $20,000 and had no way to pay the bills. When they started struggling to buy formula for their son, things got really difficult.

That’s when AdvoCare entered their lives. A friend and AdvoCare Independent Distributor Sarah Davidson reached out to the Huckabees about the business side of AdvoCare. They jumped in full force with Clive as their purpose. In only 12 days, they worked up to Advisor level.

The plan was to only pay $100 a month on the medical debt they had.  When their second check came in at $1500, they started thinking differently.  Eight months later, ALL of their medical debt was paid, student loans were paid off, and during he first nine months of 2014 they averaged $8000 a month, just by sharing AdvoCare with others. They now enjoy things they’ve always wanted to do, like spending more time together as a family.  Their drive comes from seeing other families experience the success they are having.

Zach and Krysta cannot imagine a life now without AdvoCare.  They have made so many friends through this business and get to help other families reach their goals.


What is Plexus and How Does It Compare to AdvoCare?

I was working out one morning at my gym and had the morning news on.  A local show named “Good Morning Texas” had a clip on their Good Health segment about Plexus.  Here is the link to the clip:

I want to be clear:  AdvoCare provides superior products that reflect the latest scientific knowledge and use the highest quality ingredients.  With insight from the internationally recognized experts on the Scientific & Medical Advisory Board, AdvoCare products are designed to help improve lives through superior nutrition and fitness.  Based on proven and effective ingredients, AdvoCare products are specifically manufactured to meet the AdvoCare standard of excellence.  Advocare does list the dosages on their products and has an “A” rating from the Better Business Bureau.

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6 Secrets Every OB-GYN Knows

(And you should, too!)

  1. Plan for less pinch.  Take the sting out of your next mammogram and ensure a better image by scheduling it for the week after your period. Breast glands are less swollen and sore then.
  2. Get a good read or two.  Ask to have your mammogram read by a radiologist who specializes in that.  Studies show practice makes closer to perfect.  If something urns up, take a copy of the films to a second radiologist at a different mammography center.
  3. Prep for your Pap.  Avoid sex, douches, and tampons for 2 days prior.  They can erode the cervix, making it tough to obtain a representative cell sample. Also, don’t use body wash with a lot of perfume, because that can irritate the vagina by disrupting your pH balance, and disrupt your results.
  4. React right post-Pap.  If it’s abnormal, ask to be tested for HPV.  It’s usually the culprit in virtually all cervical abnormalities and cancers. If HPV isn’t detected, it’s unlikely it’s anything serious, and there’s no need for further testing.  If it’s positive, get a colposcopy, a procedure involving looking at the cervix with a magnifying scope and taking a sample to biopsy.
  5. Avoid he unkindest cut.Some ob-gyns may be unaware of new alternatives to hysterectomy for heavy bleeding.  Ask about hormone therapy, outpatient procedures that use heat to destroy the uterine lining, or using birth control pills to suppress menstruation.
  6. Talk about yourself. Newly single, travel a lot, hopelessly disorganized?  Knowing those things will help ob-gyns advise you on birth control.

I found this article in Prevention Magazine, April 2016.

24-Day Challenge-Day 1

I awoke this morning at 5:00AM in order to start my 24-day Challenge.  I weighed in at 170 lbs (I am 5’6″ tall), right thigh measured 22 inches, hips, 41 inches, waist 34.5 inches, bust 39 inches, and bicep measured at 13 inches.  I am not happy with my weight still, but I am down 20 pounds from where I was in August 2015.  I will weigh in and measure again after my 10-day cleanse stage.

After I weighed and measured, I drank a glass of AdvoCare’s Spark Energy (Pink Lemonade), took a ProBiotic Restore tablet, and Catalyst(great for muscle tone).  I then left for the gym and did crunches (I’m trying to get my abs down a few inches), and used the elliptical for almost six miles.  It was raining in Plano, TX this morning, so that’s why I went to the gym.

I came home and had my Chocolate Mocha Meal Replacement Shake, along with Rehydrate to drink (Mango-Pineapple flavor).  I packed my lunch (salmon, salad, pumpkin seeds, and an apple).  I also made up my bottles of water (need to drink 85 oz. a day).  For dinner, it’s a goulash using ground turkey, tomato sauces, veggie pasta, and vegetables.

Things to avoid on the 24-Day Challenge are soda (including diet),alcohol, creamy sauces, high-calorie salad dressings,sugar, candy,fried food, processed food, white flour, and partially hydrogenated oils. My biggest issue during the challenge is my love of chips, but I just don’t go to Mexican food places and keep multi-grain or quinoa chips at home.  Fortunately, I work at Costco, and hey have a great variety of healthy foods to choose from.

I now have to get ready for work.  I  hope everyone has a great week, and say some prayers for me!



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