The 6 S’s of Success

  1. Speak with Confidence
    1. Have confidence in yourself  to gain momentum with others.
  2. Share your Story
    1. Paint a vision of what success looks like and share it with others.
    2. Share your story with them.
    3. Think to yourself, “What would I do in this person’s situation?”
  3. Success through Education
    1. Always educate yourself in what you enjoy learning about.
    2. The more knowledge you have, the more you can empower others and plant more seeds.
  4. Surround Yourself with Positive People
    1. Be around people who uplift you, not tear you down.
    2. At home be around positive people
    3. At work be around positive people
  5. Set Goals
    1. If you want to experience success, then set a goal and stretch yourself along the way.
    2. Setting goals allows you to measure both your personal goals and group goals.
  6. Support and Recognition
    1. Reach out to others and learn how to enhance their lives with products that you sell or just with kind words.
    2. Make an effort to invest time in people you already know, and those that you come in contact with.
    3. More importantly, recognize individuals for their personal achievements and understand their needs.

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