Zach & Krysta Huckabee-Texas

The Huckabees Story

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Zach’s previous occupation was a youth pastor, and Krysta was a stay-at-home mom.  Less than two years ago, they were living paycheck to paycheck. They have a one-year-old son Clive.

Clive was born with a medical condition that lasted from birth to his first birthday. Debt ensued because of that. They owed nearly $20,000 and had no way to pay the bills. When they started struggling to buy formula for their son, things got really difficult.

That’s when AdvoCare entered their lives. A friend and AdvoCare Independent Distributor Sarah Davidson reached out to the Huckabees about the business side of AdvoCare. They jumped in full force with Clive as their purpose. In only 12 days, they worked up to Advisor level.

The plan was to only pay $100 a month on the medical debt they had.  When their second check came in at $1500, they started thinking differently.  Eight months later, ALL of their medical debt was paid, student loans were paid off, and during he first nine months of 2014 they averaged $8000 a month, just by sharing AdvoCare with others. They now enjoy things they’ve always wanted to do, like spending more time together as a family.  Their drive comes from seeing other families experience the success they are having.

Zach and Krysta cannot imagine a life now without AdvoCare.  They have made so many friends through this business and get to help other families reach their goals.



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