Hearing Loss

Some hearing loss comes with age.  Many of us are more decibel impaired than we tend to believe. A range of controllable problems can turn down your volume by blocking sound or damaging parts of your hearing system.  Here is how you can “unmute.”

Value the sound of silence.  Protect your ears by staying away from loud places.  That means noisy restaurants, which can hit decibel levels higher than a lawn mower’s.  Phone apps like dB Volume Master and deciBel help you tell when a place is too loud.  Going to a concert?  Try high-fidelity earplugs, like Ety Plugs; they dampen sound but preserve he clarity of speech and music.

Get better earphones.  Ill-fitting ones don’t block ambient noise, such as crowds and traffic that make you turn up the tunes.  You should listen at no more than 60% of max volume for no longer than 60 minutes at a time. Get rid of unwanted sounds by using EarSkinz, earbud covers that conform to the shape of your ear, or invest in ear-covering headphones from Shure or Klipsch.

FACT:  25% OF PEOPLE AGES 55 TO 64 HAVE SOME AMOUNT OF HEARING LOSS.  From 65-75, that figure almost doubles.

CorePlex and CorePlex with Iron have vitamins that can help nurture your ears and help prevent hearing loss.

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