Cleanse Phase Is Complete!

So, I completed my 10-day cleanse phase.  I lost 2 pounds and 2.5 inches!  What I was really happy about was where I lost the inches:  my waist and chest.  I lost 1.5 inches in my waist and 1 inch in my bust.  Woohoo!

AdvoCare really works.  We have been a world-class nutritional company since 1993.  Although I use it mainly to lose weight and maintain muscle, you may be in a different situation.  We have all kinds of products for wellness and energy, too.  You can pay full retail or get it at a discount–everything is always better with a discount!  You just sign up as a distributor for $79; you get three boxes of Spark Energy and a 20% discount on any purchase you make for one year.  After one year, you can renew for $50 if you wish, and receive a free box of Spark Energy.  Please visit my website at

Here are some tips if you get the 24-Day Challenge:

  • Follow the guide–it’s very simple to follow!
  • Plan your meals–I plan mine on my days off.
  • Do the challenge with someone else–if you don’ have anyone, I can be your buddy!
  • Take photos before and after–sometimes seeing is believing
  • Start on a date that avoids tempting events in which you might indulge
  • DON’T CHEAT!!!
  • Don’t give up.
  • Exercise
  • Drink lots of water (take your body weight and divide by two)
  • Don’t skip the fiber water-it’s not the greatest, so I just down it! You may also add crushed ice; put a little Spark in it if you have to.
  • Buy Catalyst (if you can)–it’s like lipo in a bottle and helps maintain muscle tone.
  • Buy extra Spark (if you can)–if you like it like I do, you’re going to want to buy more!
  • Eliminate processed foods and buy fresh foods.
  • Avoid alcohol, white flour, sugar, fatty, and fried foods.
  • Only weigh on day 11 and 25.

Results vary by individual.  I am getting close to my goal weight, so the weight loss is slowing down some.  My husband loses double the weight that I do, too, but weight comes off easier for men than women,

Have a good night and God bless yall!


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