John and Michelle Bishop-TX (Power Story)

Their AdvoCare Story

Michelle Bishop:  “We all have dreams, right?

I, Michelle thought I was living mine for the longest time. I was self-employed & earning a solid 6-figure income. However, I was lacking time and energy. The idea of having kids was becoming distant and I struggled with the thought of my marriage someday considering the hours I worked daily. Truth be told, I was tired & that’s when AdvoCare found me. I grabbed the opportunity the minute it was presented to me by two ladies I highly trusted. They left two big sponsorships to work with AdvoCare & that made me want to be apart of this business. Over the past two years, I have been able to take my family on 2 all expenses paid trips & help them financially. Fast forward to July 2014, because of AdvoCare I was able to leave Ohio with no strings attached and move to Houston, Texas where I asked my husband, John, to marry me! Soon after, we took on the business together and became the youngest diamonds in HISTORY! We currently average 32k a month and are planning to bring John home this year so he can work at home with me! We can’t express our gratitude towards the company and what it has meant for our lives. We love inspiring others to take charge of their lives, physically and financially! ”

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