Wanting More-Jeremiah Captain

Went from Homeless to Champion Dad

Jeremiah was struggling as a single dad, basically homeless and fed up with the standard of living he was providing for himself and his daughters.

He often slept on people’s couches and sometimes had a hard time finding something to eat. He wanted more–to live a better life and to be a man his girls would be proud of.

He learned about AdvoCare from some professional athletes; after seeing their success on the products, he decided to give them a try.  He became a Distributor for the product discount and mostly as a hobby.  When he received his first check, he realized this could be the opportunity he needed to get back on his feet.  He made a big decision to make AdvoCare a big part of his life.

There are four ways to get involved with AdvoCare:

  1. Retail Customer-If you use AdvoCare products for your own personal weight-loss, fitness or wellness goals, this may be the ideal way for you to be involved with AdvoCare.
  2. Wholesale Customer-If you use AdvoCare products on a regular basis, you may want to take advantage of the 20% discount by becoming a Distributor.
  3. Distributor at 20%-40% Discount-If you share AdvoCare products with friends and family, you can enjoy additional profits at 20 to 40%.
  4. Advisor at 40% (business builder)-At the Advisor level you will enjoy the highest discounts available and the greatest earning potential of our business opportunity.

I will post my results of my third 24-day-Challenge on Thursday morning.  So excited!

My AdvoCare Website





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