Personal Trainers-Adriana & Lance Mosley

 Adriana and Lance Mosley have been changing lives physically for two decades, but they say impacting lives financially with AdvoCare is what keeps them going each day.

They were personal trainers and business owners before AdvoCare; they loved their jobs, but being away from home for more than 60 hours a week was taking a toll on their family.  On the outside, people thought they had it all together, but, truthfully, they were struggling financially.  That is what sparked their need for AdvoCare.  Adriana and Lance first learned of AdvoCare with a packet of AdvoCare Spark.  Nearly 10 years later, they became Distributors because they loved the products, but were still hesitant about the business.

They got serious in October 2011 and decided to do a 24-Day Challenge with family members and gym members, and the results were extremely motivating.  Since then, they have earned two AdvoCare incentive trips and earned an average of $14,711 a month during the first nine months of 2014. Their first check was only $41.78!

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