Dr. Jim & Leslie McCullough-Retirement

This amazing opportunity is giving our whole family more choices and the ability to design a lifestyle where they can be difference-makers and champions–something we have always encouraged.

Jim and Leslie McCullough can retire with confidence because of the extra income AdvoCare has provided.

Dr. Jim McCullough has worked as a physician for 30 years, and Leslie as a dental hygienist before becoming a stay-at-home mom of six.  They planned for their future together, but realized how quickly retirement funds can disappear and how dramatically home values can plummet. Like lots of baby boomers, it was that wake-up call which led to a search to find a new way to earn income–not based on trading hours for dollars.

AdvoCare was introduced into their lives in June 2011 when their college-age son brought home a small brochure from his basketball camp.  Leslie learned of the integrity of the company, the quality of the products, and how much income some of the distributors were earning.  They enrolled three of their adult children, and the “family business” was born.

Sadly, soon after that, their 17-year-old son passed away.  That took a toll on the McCulloughs emotionally and financially.  They were left with a lot of debt from their son’s illness, so then they turned to AdvoCare for support financially.

Throughout that difficult time, seeds were being planted along the way as we shared AdvoCare, and little sprouts of success started springing up during our time of need. Hand in hand with an amazing team, we are writing a new chapter in our life story.  As we enter our seventh decade of life, we believe AdvoCare provides solid answers for our physical and financial needs.

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