The Life of a Medical Pioneer

How One Man Changed the World

Dr. Stanley Dudrick is responsible for saving millions of lives.  This humble cardio surgeon, who is now a pioneer nutritionist decided something had to be done when he watched patients survive successful surgeries but then suffer from nutritional complications.  Dr. Dudrick decided to study intravenous nutrition–to help feed those who couldn’t feed themselves.

Dr. Stanley Dudrick Story

Dr. Dudrick is on the Science and Medical Board for AdvoCare.

Stanley Dudrick M.D., FACS
Chairman Emeritus, Department of Surgery and Director of Training Program in Surgery, St. Mary’s Hospital/Yale Affiliate, Waterbury, Connecticut. Professor of Surgery, Yale University School of Medicine

“AdvoCare develops state-of-the-art, scientifically based nutritional products designed to promote optimal health and performance.” 

  • Pioneered research and development of intravenous hyperalimentation (Total Parenteral Nutrition)
  • – Recipient of more than 120 honors and awards
  • – American College of Nutrition Goldsmith Award
  • – American College of Surgeons Jacobson Award
  • – American Surgical Association Medal for Distinguished Scientific Achievement
  • – University of Pennsylvania Medical School Distinguished Graduate Award

Published Works

  • – More than 700 scientific publications in nutrition, critical care and surgery


  • – University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine and Hospital


Lori McCall-AdvoCare Distributor


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