Happy Monday!

I survived working at Costco yesterday!  I’m off again today–Labor Day is a week from today, and Costco is closed, so lots of employees have requested the weekend off.  I did not, so therefore, I have to work this whole weekend.  I am going to spend some quality time with Glenn, my husband.

I awoke this morning at 5:30, did a morning Bible reading, and worked out at the gym (upper body).  I arrived home, and Glenn took me to breakfast at Cracker Barrel.  The most unhealthy thing I ate was a blueberry muffin!  After we got home, I decided to jog with my dogs, Lucy and Allie for half an hour.

Lucy and Allie

Lucy is a Belgian Malinois, and Allie is a Lab mix.  They are two years old and love to jog! I give credit to my AdvoCare products in being able to keep up with them, along with everything else I have going on in my life.  I have not been able to jog at a decent pace for a very long time (since my Army days), and I am so proud of that!

AdvoCare Sports Advisory Council

I hope you have a blessed day.

Lori McCall-Advisor for AdvoCare





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