AdvoCare Classic

AdvoCare Classic-Alabama vs. USC

The USC Trojans looked sharp in the early goings of their showdown with the Alabama Crimson Tide. In fact, they even held the lead! Unfortunately for them, that would be one of the bright spots that the Trojans would have on Saturday night in Arlington. Alabama levied the boom on USC and walked out with a 52-6 victory as they chalked another opening game victory in the books.

I love college football!  My team happens to be the TCU Horned Frogs (my oldest graduated from there), but I’m always up for a good football game.  My pro team is the Dallas Cowboys, and my favorite Cowboy is Jason Witten (AdvoCare Endorser).

Another AdvoCare game that took place yesterday was the Oklahoma Sooners vs. University of Houston.  The Cougars upset the Sooners BIG TIME!  I don’t care for the Sooners, so this was fine by me.  I always feel that they are over-ranked, and Bob Stoops appears to be a jerk whenever I see him on the sidelines–that’s my opinion.

I always feel excited during football season, so you will probably see random postings about football in my blog this season.

Oh, and on a final note, TCU managed to beat South Dakota St. last night in Ft. Worth.  It was a nail biter for sure, but the Horned Frogs did come up with a win.  It wasn’t pretty, but a win is a win!

Happy Sunday!

Lori McCall-AdvoCare Advisor



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