The Power of the Products

Daily, people across the nation experience success in weight loss, renewed energy, and gaining a new level of physical fitness with AdvoCare products.  Whether you want to achieve overall general health, or an athlete who aspires to push their physical limits, AdvoCare has something for everyone.

After AdvocareThe girl that you see on the far right is my youngest daughter, Renee.  She has her high school diploma and has decided that she wants to join the Army and do something in criminal justice.  One major hurdle–she needs to lose 30 pounds and get in better shape.

She just came back home after completing North Texas Job Corps.  I am now going to focus in helping her obtain her goals physically and mentally, and so will her dad and sisters. She will start a 24-day challenge tomorrow, and we will be hitting the gym tomorrow morning.  I am very disciplined when it comes to taking care of my health, so I’m going to show her how it’s done!

I ask for your prayers as we begin this journey to help her succeed in her life and future.  I am very proud of the fact that she wants to serve our country and wants to be in some type of law enforcement.

I will keep you posted on how things are going.


Lori McCall-AdvoCare Advisor

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