Nurse Sets Sight on Triathlon

Three years ago, Renee Lawrence depended on energy drinks and diet soda to get her through her 12-15 hours shifts as a cardio thoracic nurse.

She was training regularly at the gym and thought she was eating a healthy diet.  Her husband, Don, started using AdvoCare products first to lose some weight and get more energy to keep up with their five children.  Once Renee saw how much energy her husband had using the AdvoCare products and living a healthier lifestyle, she knew she had to try it, too.

She started with Blue Raspberryand found that she was more energized and alert at work.*

Afterwards, she started on the 24-Day Challenge and changed her family’s eating habits to cleaner, healthier options–while doing this, she started gaining muscle and endurance by continuing to work out and lost one pound in the process.  Since the, Renee and Don learned that they loved to run and have run several half marathons.

“Last year, I signed up for my first half marathon with my friend,”  says Renee.  “During training, I realized running actually helps to define your physique.  I added weight training, ate more protein and started using products like Thermoplus, mass-impact, and muscle-strengthto work toward getting more toned.  I also drank muscle-gainevery day for a snack.”

Renee now has three half marathons under her belt.  She is considering a triathlon and continues to run regularly, just to make sure Don doesn’t catch up to her half marathon finish time!

“Now our new active lifestyle is a family affair,”  explains Renee.  “Our kids are more active because of the changes we have made.  They lift weights and do box jumps with me, so my workouts have become a family event.”

Today Renee Lawrence knows that a scale cannot measure her success–it’s how she looks and feels that’s more important.


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