Help for Exhausted Moms

Jennifer Yebra Mallak was an exhausted mother of a 20-month-old son who no longer felt like herself and lacked self-confidence.

She worked nights at the hospital, where 12-hour shifts were routine.  By the time she came home, she was too tired to cook, socialize, or even play with her son.

In December 2011 I was wearing a size 16, which was the biggest I had ever been

Something had to change.

She was introduced to AdvoCare through a mixer and decided to start with the 24-Day-Challenge.  It took her a few months to give the products a chance, but once she did, she never looked back.  She felt like a new person during the Challenge–she lost weight and had new-found energy.  Because of her success, she continued taking AdvoCare products and opting for healthier foods after the 24-Day-Challenge.  She lost a total of 56 pounds over a three-year time span.

Presently, by continuing a healthy lifestyle, which includes exercise and good eating habits, Jennifer has kept the weight off and is very happy!  Before taking her health seriously, she would always cancel or make up excuses to avoid spending time with friends.  Now she works out at a local gym, volunteers at her son’s school, and loves spending time outdoors.  She also loves experimenting in the kitchen with nutritious recipes to change up her diet.

I’ve learned how to incorporate healthier options into my diet so it doesn’t have to be boring or standard.  I can bake chicken instead of fry it and go for whole grains.  I can keep up with my energetic little boy and teach him how to live a healthier lifestyle as well.

Easy ways to improve your diet:

  • Drink a Meal Replacement Shake for breakfast as a great source of fiber and protein in the morning
  • Eat small snacks in between meals
  • Try to eat something healthy every 2-3 hours
  • Choose whole grains instead of refined grains and baked or grilled meats instead of fried
  • Always eat your veggies

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