From Couching to Coaching

Rocky Alderman

Are you overweight, exhausted, drink too much soda, and eat too much fast food?

That was Rocky Alderman in 2013.  He felt miserable and didn’t have enough energy to keep up with his four daughters.  He and his wife, Brenna, were introduced to AdvoCare in November 2013 and Brenna began the 24-day-challenge.  After seeing her success, he made the decision to start following the meal suggestions in the 24-Day-Challenge Daily Guide and give AdvoCare products a chance.

He took baby steps at first, like swapping out unhealthy fast food with snacks like DB9AdvoBarand completely cut out soda, replacing it with A7093.  After that, he cut out simple carbs and tried to eat more protein and less processed foods, with lots of encouragement from Brenna.  Over time, he learned to eat smaller meals at regular intervals throughout the day.

After the 24-Day Challenge, I went down two belt notches!  I felt great–the products and my new diet gave me energy I never thought I would have.

The initial success energized Rocky, so he continued his new habits and began working out in April 2014.  His passion for weight lifting was reinvigorated, and he saw an increase in muscle mass.  He attends a boot camp weekly for cardio, and recently picked up a heavy ropes class to see how far he can push himself.  After six months of adding workouts into his  routine, following a healthy diet, and using AdvoCare products, he was down 50 pounds.

This is the smallest I’ve ever been in my life, and I can’t tell you how great it feels to be off the couch and active again.  I want to be an example for my girls and show them how to live an active lifestyle.

Rocky and Brenna spend as much time as they can outdoors with their daughters; they go to the park, play basketball, and visit amusement parks.  Rocky coaches one of his daughter’s basketball teams.  Rocky said it would have been a much more difficult journey without the support of Brenna.  She helped him with the cravings early on, which set him on the road to success.

When I started this, I knew I was going to lose weight because I saw it happen for my wife.  I had no idea I would feel ridiculously amazing.


Rocky’s favorite product is mass-impact.

Lori McCall-Advisor for AdvoCare


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