Hiking for Tacos

I don’t live in the Austin area, but if I did, this would be the group for me!

Hiking for Tacos Meetup Group

Diana Britton, “Hiking for Tacos” founder didn’t know anyone and wanted to make new friends when she moved to Austin, TX.  She thought it would be a great idea to meet new friends and explore the city by forming a meetup group, which now has over 1500 members.

We cap each walk at 30 people, and what I look forward to the most is chatting with members.  It’s fun to learn about their lives.

The group averages 4 million steps per year and consumes an average 720 number of tacos per year.  Once a month, they hike about 2.75 miles along the Greenbelt to Tacodeli, a popular hot spot known for its authentic dishes, and then they hike back.  Dogs and kids are always welcome.

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AdvoCare CitriZinc

AdvoCare CitriZinc is a vitamin & mineral dietary supplement that comes in an easy-to-take, lemon-lime chew.  CitriZinc supports immunity by providing three important nutrients that are commonly missing in our daily diet:  vitamin C, Zinc, and vitamin D.*  Vitamin C helps protect against immune system deficiencies, cardiovascular disease, and eye disease–it can even help protect skin from signs of aging.*  Zinc is found in cells throughout the body and is an important nutrient needed to stay healthy.

*This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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3 Ways to Keep Skin Firm as You Shed Pounds

  1. Build Muscle
    1. Adding lean mass to replace the fat that once filled out your skin is the best defense against a deflated dermis.
    2. Aim for at least two resistance sessions a week.
  2. Shrink Slowly
    1. Most experts recommend aiming for a loss of 1-2 pounds per week, depending on your starting point.
    2. Drop faster by means of fad diets and you’re likely losing muscle, not just fat.
    3. The result:  your metabolism–and skin–will sag.
  3. Don’t Fry
  4. Plan your walks for early in the morning or late in the day, when the sun’s collagen-destroying rays are less scorching, and make sure that your clothing and sunscreen protect against both UVA and UVB rays, which damage skin.

CatalystAdvoCare’s Catalyst is nicknamed “Lipo in a Bottle”.  Why?

  • Helps maintain muscle mass during exercise and weight management*
  • Helps support post-exercise muscle repair and recovery*
  • Aids in preserving muscle and energy levels during times of calorie restriction*
Provides a blend of branched-chain amino acids and L-glutamine to fuel your body with muscle-building components when combined with exercise and a healthy diet.*

Catalyst provides a blend of blend of branched chain amino acids, along with L-glutamine & L-arginine, to fuel your body with muscle-building components.* Catalyst helps repair and protect muscle, and provides amino acids needed to maintain and promote lean body mass, endurance and strength.* Catalyst helps retain muscle when used in combination with a healthy diet, exercise, and other AdvoCare products such as Meal Replacement Shakes or Muscle Gain™.


For ages 12 and older.
Take three capsules 30 minutes prior to a meal, workout or bedtime. Up to three servings may be taken per day.

Works in conjunction with MNS®, AdvoCare Core® or as a stand-alone product.

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Spartan for Life

It’s hard to be a personal trainer and not have the energy to keep up with your clients.

John O’Sullivan himself had bee training regularly for years but didn’t have the energy to show for it.  That’s when he knew it was time for a change.

A fellow trainer introduced him to Blue Raspberryand the Well Line of Products in 2001.  He was willing to try them.

I was blown away by the energy I gained.  Because I was so impressed, I almost instantly signed up to be an AdvoCare Independent Distributor.

John continued taking Spark, Catalyst, product-mns-3, and a few Performance Elite products over the next 10 years and began to share the products and business with others.  In 2011, he gained some unwanted pounds and began the 24-Day-Challenge, reducing his food intake to a healthier level and pushing himself even further in the gym.  In only eight months, he dropped 25 pounds and was back in the pant size he wore 23 years ago.  John had always been passionate about fitness and long-distance running, but he never felt this good while he was doing it.

When I was training for a marathon, I took o2-goldbefore my workouts and Rehydrate Gelduring my runs, but I didn’t know how to leverage the other Performance Elite Line products yet.  Now I use a multitude of Performance Elite products, including Bio Tools, Arginine Extreme, and nighttimerecovery.  I can now push myself harder.

He’s tried everything from the Spartan Beast race to half and full marathons and isn’t close to quitting, even though he’s had to find a balance with a family at home.

I love doing these extreme races, because they test different parts of your body and make you actually think about how to do these obstacles.  It’s as much of a mental challenge as it is physical.

No matter the distance or how many obstacles he’s attempting during a given race, John  knowing AdvoCare products are waiting for him at the finish line puts a smile on his face.

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Drink This, Lose Big

Swap diet soda for water and you may just speed up weight loss.  Women who drank a glass water after lunch lost 14% more weight in six months and ate about 100 fewer calories per day than those who drank diet soda, according to a new study that had these women on the same diet and exercise plan.

It’s possible that diet soda raises your cravings for sweets and carbs,

according to David Katz, director of the Yale University Prevention Research Center.  Your hydration choice should be clear–clear, cool water, anyway!

Source:  American Journal of Clinical Nutrition

Need a healthy substitute for coffee or diet soda?  A7091is a healthier alternative to either, because it contains caffeine (60 mg per 8 oz. serving), but also has over 20 vitamins and minerals!  There is also a ready-to-drink energy shot called slam that has the same caffeine content, but in a more concentrated dose.

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Clear Mood

It is a multi-nutrient dietary supplement that helps brain and nerve cell function by providing important neurotransmitters that help lower the effects of occasional stress, nervousness, and worry.*  One ingredient, known as 5-HTP, is vital for the production of serotonin, which supports the brain and nervous system.*

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.  This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

AdvoCare Clear Mood Review

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New View for 20 Something

Keli Letersky was always active in high school and never worried about her weight, and continued playing sports in college, but developed bad eating habits, which led to weight gain.  When she graduated from college and moved away from her family, she avoided going to the gym, which led to more weight gain.  Keli was 24 years old and knew that she needed to make a change in order to get her life back.

She was introduced to the 24-Day-Challenge in March 2012 and has not looked back.  Not only did she feel better after doing the challenge, she also began to gain back the confidence she lost.  She stayed on AdvoCare products, began working out again and now maintains an 80/20 lifestyle in which she chooses healthy choices 80% of the time, and indulges in 20% of the time.

I make sure to prep my meals and pack snacks like an AdvoBar to help me stay on track.  I’ve learned prepping your food is one of the biggest aspects of achieving success with this lifestyle.

Keli has been able to keep the weight off by sticking to her diet and workout routine, and using AdvoCare products.  She loves the outdoors and enjoys running, hiking, and biking on the various trails at the mountain resort where she works.  Her quality of life has drastically changed, too.   She has competed in multiple 5K and 10Ks, two half marathons, three Tough Mudder races, a Tri-Fitness Challenge, and a 50-mile cycling event in just three years.

Now I am always happy, letting the positives outweigh the negatives.  For anyone struggling with his or her weight and self confidence, I want you to know your health is more important than anything you can put a price on.

Tips for food prepping:

  1. Devote one day a week to prep for the next seven days.
  2. Cook and pack three different meals so you don’t get tired of eating the same thing every day.
  3. Don’t forget snacks!  The AdvoBars work great for this.

CatalystMine and Keli’s favorite product!

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