Spartan for Life

It’s hard to be a personal trainer and not have the energy to keep up with your clients.

John O’Sullivan himself had bee training regularly for years but didn’t have the energy to show for it.  That’s when he knew it was time for a change.

A fellow trainer introduced him to Blue Raspberryand the Well Line of Products in 2001.  He was willing to try them.

I was blown away by the energy I gained.  Because I was so impressed, I almost instantly signed up to be an AdvoCare Independent Distributor.

John continued taking Spark, Catalyst, product-mns-3, and a few Performance Elite products over the next 10 years and began to share the products and business with others.  In 2011, he gained some unwanted pounds and began the 24-Day-Challenge, reducing his food intake to a healthier level and pushing himself even further in the gym.  In only eight months, he dropped 25 pounds and was back in the pant size he wore 23 years ago.  John had always been passionate about fitness and long-distance running, but he never felt this good while he was doing it.

When I was training for a marathon, I took o2-goldbefore my workouts and Rehydrate Gelduring my runs, but I didn’t know how to leverage the other Performance Elite Line products yet.  Now I use a multitude of Performance Elite products, including Bio Tools, Arginine Extreme, and nighttimerecovery.  I can now push myself harder.

He’s tried everything from the Spartan Beast race to half and full marathons and isn’t close to quitting, even though he’s had to find a balance with a family at home.

I love doing these extreme races, because they test different parts of your body and make you actually think about how to do these obstacles.  It’s as much of a mental challenge as it is physical.

No matter the distance or how many obstacles he’s attempting during a given race, John  knowing AdvoCare products are waiting for him at the finish line puts a smile on his face.

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