10 Minutes to a Stronger, Firmer Lower Body

Good afternoon fellow bloggers and AdvoCare fans!  I’ve been off the grid for awhile, thanks to Frontier Communications (if you have FIOS with them, cancel it, or if you are considering FIOS with Frontier, then reconsider).  We are back with Time Warner Cable, now Spectrum, and we have internet back!

I have listed a couple of exercises that are joint friendly firmers that will help you slenderize.  Use a resistance band if you have one.

Hip-Bridge Squeeze–Click Here to Watch Video!

Make sure you squeeze your butt and engage your outer thighs as you open your knees.

Inner-and Outer-Thigh Slimmer–Click Here to Watch Video!

Keep your belly engaged and your glutes activated.

Standing Leg Raise–Click Here to Watch Video!

Focus on squeezing through your quads as you lift your leg.

Lateral Band Walk–Click Here to Watch Video!

Keep your knees slightly bent and your belly engaged.

I have lost 36 pounds and 38 inches using AdvoCare products.  It has totally changed my life, and I think the products are superior over anything else on the market today.  Go to my website at www.advocare.com/150823204/ and read my story.  Use the product navigator to see what is recommended for you!


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