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Paying It Forward and Other Thoughts


I haven’t written in a while (since November 28), so I apologize to my fellow followers!  I have had a 20-year wedding anniversary, Christmas preparation, and my dear, sweet brother-in-law died last Saturday night after battling oesophageal cancer for over two years (he was given six months to live).  No one is really sure how he got it–he never smoked, drank beer mostly, and was overall very healthy and active up until the last three months of his life.  His only bad habit was his addiction to Diet Coke!  I really don’t know if drinking too much Diet Coke can cause cancer, but I know that soda in general is not healthy for you.  Please pray for my sister-in-law, Victoria, as she deals with the loss of her soul mate and best friend.   Norm was a Christ-follower, so I know that I will see him again, and he is no longer suffering.

Now, let’s talk about debt!  It is the Christmas season, and if you’re like me, you like buying gifts for your loved ones.  There was a time when I over-did it, and went into deep debt that really took me most of the year to get out of, but I have grown older and wiser over the years.

AdvoCare has a system called DebtBuster.  This is how the system works:  identify debt, prioritize a payment plan, and make smarter financial decisions.  I will focus on one family today who began to eliminate their debt, and that is Charity and Michael Woodard.


Four months before Michael was deployed to Korea at the end of 2012, he and his wife Charity began using and selling AdvoCare products.  While Michael served overseas in multiple deployments, Charity worked as a physical therapist in the U.S.  She graduated with more than $90,000 in debt from student loans,so when she heard about the AdvoCare DebtBuster System she immediately introduced it to Michael in 2013.

They began using the program as a plan to tackle their debt and started small with a monthly budget using his Army income and her income as a physical therapist, remaining disciplined with spending habits week by week.

We follow a monthly budget plan so we know where everything is going–I really brought a lot of things to the forefront.  Soldiers think hey deserve to splurge on various items because they’ve worked so hard during deployment.  Getting rid of that mentality was really important.

Today the Woodards are a party of four!  By following a detailed and organized plan, they’ve been able to reduce their debt and are currently working toward paying off their mortgage.  When Michael is stationed at home, he’s focused on building their AdvoCare business alongside Charity.

My personal plan is to use my AdvoCare money to get a new fence built this year.  Glenn and I are wanting to move out in the country, and we need to make some home improvements on our house before we sell it.  Working at Costco is starting to take a toll on me physically, so I would like to see my business really take off this year!  God bless yall and Merry Christmas!