Last Day of 10-Day Cleanse

Today is my final day of the cleanse phase, which is part of the 24-Day Challenge.  I feel great and am ready to jump on the scale tomorrow to see if I have lost any of the five pounds I put on over the holidays!

The cleanse phase consists of these products:

AdvoCare sends you a guide to follow when you start a 24-Day Challenge that helps you plan your day.  Meal prepping is extremely important, too!  It was hard for me at first, but after a few days, it’s just part of my routine.  I try to cook a lot on my days off, so I can put them in containers and use them for lunch and dinner.  I drink the meal replacement shakes for breakfast.

Make sure you drink enough water for the day (take your body weight and divide by 2; that’s how many ounces a day you need).  Drink Spark to replace sodas and coffee.  Coffee was hard for me, because I love the taste of coffee, so I have been known to drink one cup a day at times when doing a 24-Day Challenge; I haven’t on this one.

Weigh yourself and take your measurements on Days 1, 10, and 24 to track your progress.  I will weigh and take my measurements tomorrow morning.  I will change to the MAX phase tomorrow and will be using MNS E (Metabolic Nutrition System for Energy) for the next 14 days.  I seem to feel sluggish during the winter months because of the shorter days.

Most people seem to have the hardest time with the Fiber drink.  I have used Unflavored in the past, but this time I tried the Citrus.  It’s a bit chalky, but I downed it!  I don’t let things like that get in the way of what I want to achieve!  If you have a hard time drinking water, add something to it like lemon, berries, or cucumbers!  Remember to eat clean; no white stuff (flour and pasta) and no processed food or fast food!  Fresh fruit, vegetables, lean meat, chicken,  and fish are acceptable.

If you have any questions, please contact me through my website


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