Running is Good for Your Brain?

Some good stories are worth repeating!

The Lean Life with Lori

New research has surprisingly showed that challenging physical activity can help protect–and even expand–your brain.

Brain researcher, Aga Burzynska, studied the brain of Olga Kotelko (below), and made a telling discovery about mental sharpness in later life.Olga-Kotelko-2

Kotelko took up track and field at the age of 77 and went on to dominate international sports competitions well into her 90s, always pushing herself to do more.  What got Burzynska’s fascination was not Kotelko’s physical prowess, but Kotelko’s brain.

At the time of Kotelko’s death at the age of 95, her mind was super sharp. She spent the last year of her life working on an autobiography, The O.K. Way to a Happy, Healthy, Life.  She read the newspaper every day, and loved doing Sudoku puzzles. She sang complicated ecclesiastical hymns with her church choir. Even at 95, her cognitive abilities were far from slowing down.

The typical human brain shrinks…

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Buying the Minivan of Her Dreams

Mary Birchenough works her AdvoCare business from Honolulu, Hawaii.  She just purchased a minivan using her annual salary as an occupational therapist and her additional income from AdvoCare.

Mary’s journey has had many challenges; her husband, who serves in the military as a pilot, was stationed in Hawaii and the family had to pack up and move across the Pacific Ocean.  Mary is building her team from the ground up.

I schedule one-on-one appointments and use Impact Magazine as much as possible.  I pack up a 24-Day Challenge with Catalyst, dog ear the ‘Science Behind the Products’ section and a story that might relate to the person I am going to meet.  In an eight-day period of putting in he work and connecting with newcomers in Hawaii, I had seven one-on-ones!

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