Alfred Terry, Snellville, GA

Alfred Terry can outrun his teenage kids, control his food cravings, and has surpassed his fitness goals in two years, thanks to AdvoCare products.

He had heard about AdvoCare from a friend at the gym in 2014.  He had tried other products, but those had failed him for two years, and he was tired of not seeing results and was desperate to get in shape.  He started a 24-Day Challenge and focused on eating fresher foods avoided fried foods.  He had good weight-loss results and continued with his new diet, workout regimen, and products, such as Catalyst, O2 Gold, Muscle Gain, and AdvoCare Rehydrate. He went on to lose more weight over the next three-and-a-half months and felt years younger.

He attributes the 24-Day Challenge with teaching him how to eat right. He used to eat whatever was convenient, with no nutritional value; he now chooses lean meats, fresh vegetables and fruits, and adds in AdvoBar Meal bars or Meal Replacement Shakes when there are no other healthy options available.

Today Alfred works out five days a week, sometimes twice a day, using high-intensity circuits and weigh lifting to maintain his current physique.  He also enjoys getting outside and running trails with his wife..

Alfred’s Favorite Product:

o2-gold Supports the body’s use of oxygen while contributing to increased energy, helping to maximize workouts.

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