Underweight? AdvoCare can Help!

Lauren Kirschblum is now a bubbly, vivacious young lady who will talk to anyone.  In 2013, she was underweight and struggled with body issues and self-confidence.

She started using Spark Energy to help her get through the day.  That extra boost helped get her back into the weight room, where she worked on gaining the lean muscle she was lacking.  After 18 months, Lauren had put on 25 pounds, including muscle, and started feeling like herself again. That’s when she heard about AdvoCare’s business opportunity and decided to try it.

I slowly started gaining confidence and realized I’m not just a number on the scale.  I knew if I could go from being underweight to a happy and healthy girl, I could help others.

Throughout the next year, she was intentional with growing her brand and focused on gaining the confidence to lead others.

In the beginning, I didn’t have any confidence and I realized no one was going to follow me that way–I needed to portray confidence to inspire others.  I practiced it so much that I eventually became that person.

Lauren set long and short-term goals to achieve her bigger vision:  she introduced herself to three new people every day, scheduled five three-way conference calls a week and even started 24-Day Challenge Groups every two months to introduce the products.

She spends her time hosting team events so everyone can get to know each other.  On any given day, she will gather teammates for a hike or go out to dinner with them.

Lauren now focuses on AdvoCare full time and explains her day-to-day in seven simple words:  “I make other people’s purposes my purpose.”

Lauren’s favorite AdovCare products:

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