Slim Down!

Okay, I have been on vacation for a week now, and I have been eating anything I want!  I know I’ve gained a few pounds, but come Monday, July 10, I will get back on track and AdvoCare Slim will help me get there.

What is AdvoCare Slim? It combines appetite suppression, energy, and it’s portable!  You just add it to a glass of water.  There is now a new, delicious lemonade flavor, too.  AdvoCare Slim combines green coffee extract and garcinia cambogia fruit extract, also.  You can use it in conjunction with any MNS product, CORE, or as a stand alone product.

This is how the Slim Down Challenge works:


 If you would like to start with me, please buy 4 boxes of SLIM by clicking on this link.
If you know of anyone who wants to earn some extra money and is passionate about health and fitness, please have them call me at 214-728-4835.




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