24-Day Challenge & Paleo

Mark Sisson is all about the Paleo diet, which you can do in the 24-day challenge. Sisson doesn’t think you need to sacrifice your happiness to reach peak health, and neither do I.  You do eat regular food in the 24-day challenge, but you need to cut out some things in order to reach peak health.  Click on this link to see what is included and excluded in the 24-day challenge: 24-Day Challenge

I have found a great discovery called Thrive Market (Thrive Market)!  Jillian Michaels promotes it, and this store has wholesome products at wholesale prices.  You do pay a membership fee, just like you do at Costco ($59.95 per year for Thrive Market membership), and the shopping is done online.

One of the things you can’t have during the 24-day challenge is mayonnaise-based products. Thrive Market has Avocado Oil Mayo, which is made with pure and wholesome avocado oil, cage-free organic eggs, and organic vinegar–no added sugars, synthetic industrial seed oils, or trans fats allowed!  This is perfectly safe during the 24-day challenge.

Nationwide challenge begins January 11.  Who wants to join me?  Free shipping on the challenge until January 4 at 12PM CST.