AdvoCare Gives Back

AdvoCare Gives Back

AdvoCare is a company with a strong history of giving back, specifically in areas hat impact health, nutrition, and financial education.  We are committed to improving health and wellness in our community, just like you’re committed to the same in your communities across the country.  Overall, AdvoCare contributed $1.6 million in the last year in conjunction with the FC Dallas Foundation, the Salvation Army, local food banks and countless other organizations.

AdvoCare donated a total of $100,000 to 10 food banks across the nation, which equates to 355,000 meals!  Each food bank also received 1,100 boxes of AdvoCare OTG as additional nutritional support.  These meals support the fight against hunger throughout the year and help strengthen local communities.

The Bay Area Food Bank, as a part of the Kids on the Coast incentive, provides backpacks filled with easy to prepare snacks for children in need.  The food bank supports the Mississippi, Alabama, and Florida regions.

The fourth soccer field sponsored by the FC Dallas  Foundation, located near the Salvation Army in Plano, TX, was started in November 2015.  The four fields, developed by the FC Dallas Foundation and AdvoCare, provide safe well-lit play areas in low socio-economic neighborhoods. Only one of three children are physically active everyday.  The average time children spend in front of a screen is currently more than seven hours each day.  These fields make it possible for an additional 600 children to live a more active lifestyle on an annual basis.  Increased physical activity is associated with improved academics, cognitive skills, attitude, and behavior (reference–President’s Council on Fitness, Sports & Nutrition).



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