Sports Partnerships-Miami Open 2017

The Story of the Miami Open 2017

AdvoCare has a new sports partnership with the Miami Open!  AdvoCare is proud to partner with the internationally recognized tennis tournament by providing on-court signage, digital signage and products in the players’ locker rooms.   Here are some of the products available in those locker rooms:

VO2 PRIMEA pre-workout snack bar designed to help maintain stamina and provide nutritional support for cardiovascular health.

Rehydrate GelUtilizing sequential carbohydrates, this portable gel restores electrolytes lost during exercise to quickly boost energy levels for on-the-go recovery.

rehydrate Helps replace minerals and electrolytes lost through sweat and supports recovery after a workout using vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates, Sustamine® and a blend of important electrolytes.

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Incentive Trips

From Ireland to Hawaii, Distributors can earn the chance to travel around the world with AdvoCare.

The next trip is to Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, FL.  The trip dates are April 5-9, 2018!  For those who earn the trip, they will get to take their family to the Grand Floridian Resort and go to the one and only Magic Kingdom.  You get to visit five Disney parks, meet Mickey and Minnie, see Disney princesses, ride the thrilling rides, enjoy fine dining and spas, etc.

This year’s trip is in Punta Mita, Mexico at the Four Seasons Resort.   The dates for this trip are November 3-7, 2017.  This is a nice trip for those who like beaches, golf, pristine waters, and the lavish, luxurious landscape of Punta Mita!

If you know of anyone who would love to go on a trip like this, please have them contact me at 214-728-4835.  You may visit my website at

Make a Lasting Impression

I am very passionate about AdvoCare, and this is why; the products have helped me achieve my goals of weight loss, long-distance running, and being able to help others achieve their health goals.  I am proud to represent AdvoCare and did so yesterday in McKinney, TX by running a 10K benefiting the Crape Myrtle Trails of McKinney, along with my Belgian Malinois, Lucy.  Here are some pictures of us starting and finishing:

Before the run I had Spark (Pink Lemonade) and Arginine Extreme, mixed together in water, along with O2 Gold, which is becoming one of my favorite products.  I also had a Chocolate Peanut Butter Meal Replacement Shake.

It was a very hot and humid fall day in McKinney, TX so Lucy and I needed some hydration after the run.  Lucy was given a bowl of water and I had my Rehydrate (Berry Lemon Ice).  Rehydrate is so much better for you than Gatorade, because it has a 1:1 ratio of sodium to potassium and 6 grams of sugar, compared to Gatorade’s 4:1 ratio and 32 grams of sugar.  I have stated this before, but I feel the need to stress it again!

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Spark Energy Compared to Starbucks, Coca-Cola, and Red Bull

AdvoCare’s Spark Energy is still one of the most popular things that AdvoCare distributors sell.  There is plenty of reasons:  it’s great tasting, improves energy, improves mental focus, and it’s healthy!!!  Spark only has 45 calories, along with 21 vitamins and minerals and will do more for you physically than coffee shop drinks, soda, and other energy drinks such as Monster and Red Bull.  It comes in 10 different flavors:  Cherry, Blue Raspberry, Fruit Punch, Watermelon, Limeade, Pink Lemonade, Green Apple, Mandarin Orange, Mango Strawberry, and Grape.

You may buy full retail, become a preferred customer and get a discount, become a distributor and get a discount, plus earn extra money by selling products to others, or become an advisor and earn income five different ways with AdvoCare.


Please look at the table below to see the difference!



God bless you and enjoy your Sunday!


Nanea Marcial

Nanea is a relentless role model who says that it’s easy to lose track of tasks like what you’re eating, staying active enough, especially when life events get in the way.  That’s how she felt over 3 years ago, when she was going through a divorce and taking care of her newborn baby and two-year old son.  Wearing a size 14, Nanea didn’t feel like herself and needed a positive outlet.

My friend, Joette, told me about this 24-Day Challenge.  I was always slim growing up–she had never seen me this way, with a broken spirit and wearing a size 14.

Nanea was addicted to coffee, and drank too much of it for years.  After 24 days, she improved her diet, reduced her coffee intake, and dropped two sizes.  Shortly after her initial success, she continued working out but lost some momentum with her diet.

She began another 24-Day Challenge a couple of years later, knowing she needed more than just a workout regimen.  She kicked her coffee habit and replaced it with Spark.  She dropped another two sizes by continuously working out, eating three portioned meals and three small snacks a day.  She also cut out fried food and dairy.

She also increased the intensity of her workouts by exercising five days a week, competing in multiple Spartan races and 5ks and doing yoga on the weekends.  She continues to build lean muscle and has maintained a size six for over a year and a half with the help of Catalyst, Muscle Strength, and Post-Workout Recovery.

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AdvoCare’s New Fit Line!

Hi there! Just finished up with AdvoCare’s National Success School 2017, and I wanted to write about AdvoCare’s latest product line called FIT.  These products will help you take the guesswork out of what to use before, during, and after you work out!

I received my FIT Pack today.  This is what I received:

img-pre.fafc2c8d648f126b2395fc962ecc1e84You use this 30-45 minutes prior to a workout.  This strawberry lemonade flavor is 20 calories and only 3g of sugar per stick pack. AdvoCare has used Stevia, not sucralose, for sweetening, and the caffeine derives from green tea, so this is more for people going to a plant-based diet.

img-intra.c3864b113a2dd73c3c0a2dc1d317b158This comes in a coconut lime flavor (yum) and is to be used while you’re working out.  This is 15 calories per stick pack, with only 2g of sugar.  One of the ingredients is coconut water powder, and, like the Pre-Workout, Stevia is used to sweeten.

img-post-chocolate.471ffa6e8091eb9f8fa864b492768ba0The Post-Workout Protein and Herbal Supplement comes in two flavors:  chocolate and cinnamon bun. I am a little burned out on chocolate, so I chose the cinnamon bun flavor!  You use this within one hour after a workout.  It can also benefit greatly in long-term recovery when consumed in the evening. This does contain milk, so I wouldn’t recommend this for those who are lactose intolerant.  One pouch is 100 calories and 3g of sugar, and contains Stevia also.

If you buy the bundle, it’s a total cost of $99, plus shipping and tax.  While supplies last you get a FREE cinch bag!  I will be trying these products after I am done with the cleansing portion of my Slim Down challenge, in one week.  I will inform you of what I think then!

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Basically, the answer is no because there isn’t a standard approval process in the health supplement industry, and, based on the law, AdvoCare doesn’t need FDA approval.  However, AdvoCare does abide by the same rules and regulations that the FDA sets for quality and safety production.  According to the Dietary Supplement Health  Education and Learning Act of 1994, the manufacturers and distributors of dietary supplements are responsible for making sure their products are safe BEFORE they go to market.

Based on proven and effective science and nutrition, AdvoCare product ingredients are specifically chosen for quality and purity from reputable suppliers that meet the AdvoCare standard of excellence. The vitamins and minerals used in AdvoCare formulas are pharmaceutical or USP grade, with each lot tested for purity and potency. Manufacturing is done in GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) compliant facilities, with exemplary quality control and quality assurance programs.

AdvoCare is committed to conducting business only with vendors who adhere to the highest ethical standards and who comply with laws and regulations applicable to their business. AdvoCare has undertaken actions and implemented processes to ensure that the services and materials provided to AdvoCare meet this commitment.

Also, AdvoCare has formed a strategic alliance with Informed-Choice to certify the products that carry the Informed-Choice logo are banned substance free.

That’s why AdvoCare has been a trusted name for 24 years!  It’s not FDA approved, because the law doesn’t require it, but a lot goes into making sure that the products are effective and safe.

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