Emotion Potions

Young Living Essential Oils

Feeling down or stressed?  Easy-to-make essential oil blends can turn your day around!

Joy-makes you feel all warm and fuzzy–euphoric, even!

Serenity-for moments of peace-Peace & Calm Essential Oils

Fresh Air-Purification for freshening and deodorizing the air; dilute it with distilled water in a spray bottle

Antioxidant-DiGize-apply topically or take internally

PMS-Lavender-works great for modifying emotions during the monthly cycle

Alertness-Peppermint-clears the mind and gains a keen sense of alertness

Energy-Ningxia Red-this is a great pick-me-up that you take internally

If you decide you would like to purchase, please use me, Lori McCall, as your referral!



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